Broadband Network Development & Utility Construction

Team members

​​ ​ACC is operated by seasoned professionals who get involved with all aspects of our client's projects.  With an accumulated team score of many generations of  operational project and management, we can apply this tried-and-true experience to timely completion of projected quotes.


ACC utility Division drives team forces in on carefully inspected and current advanced fleet, including bucket trucks capable of reaching 105 feet and 6-wheel-drive digger trucks.

ACC is making certain that all vehicles and equipment are certified through thorough maintenance to ensure peak operational and safety performance.

Safety for our Employees
As a contractor, Accordant’s people are our most important assets. It is our policy to perform all work in the safest manner possible consistent with good construction practices.  To reach the goals of this policy, Accordant has developed and instituted an effective Safety Program that is carried out at each location where work is performed. Every member of the Accordant Team has been trained in and has the responsibility to support and enforce our Safety Program. 

Meeting our company objectives requires that each employee continually focus his or her efforts on safety, and perform in a safe manner.  Therefore, support for, and adherence to, Accordant Communications’ Safety Program is a condition of employment with our company.

"Our goal is to provide a safe work environment and a quality product along with providing superior service to all projects performed in the high-voltage construction industry"

Team Vehicles

Safety Mission Statement