Broadband Network Development & Utility Construction

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Members of the ACC team have deployed small cells in 30 different cities across the US and they understand the different skill sets needed and how to run a successful and efficient deployment.   

With the increased dependence on wireless devices, in-building RF coverage has become an important concern for owners of both commercial buildings who increasingly demand reliable communications inside office and residential properties. Also, many municipalities have issued ordinances to ensure that construction of new buildings include adequate wireless coverage for public safety signals.

The most common solution is a Distributed Antenna System or DAS. Deploying 4G DAS (or upgrading 3G DAS to 4G) requires special skill sets and experience if it is to perform to today’s requirements. Accordant’s DAS experience and extensive history of designing and installing complex in-building fiber optic networks, plus our unrelenting attention to detail make us the right choice to develop a DAS with minimal disruption to tenants and customers.

Base Station Equipment Installation and Integration
Fiber Design and Installation
Power Systems
Facilities Interface
Alarm Systems

DAS/Small Cell/Structured Cable 

Tower Services

LTE Upgrades/Modernization - The task of modernizing a wireless network is becoming increasingly more complex. While every network must be updated to accommodate 4G and eventually 5G technology, the modernization process has the additional challenges of maintaining the older generations of wireless technologies for years to come.

Accordant Communications holds nationwide contracts to provide modernization/upgrade services with two of the top four wireless service providers (Sprint and
T Mobile) and the top four “Turf” vendors for AT&T. 

Wireless Services

FTTX Services